Zoo Med Aquasun Aquarium Controller

Zoo Med Aquasun Aquarium Controller

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AquaSun Aquarium Controller

The Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Controller is the ideal accessory for any aquarium implementing multiple devices. With 8 grounded outlets the possibilities are absolutely endless. Plug in everything from your lighting fixture, to your filter, or even multiple pumps! The ability to customize your lighting or circulation schedule is the best feature this controller has to offer however.

Half of the grounded outlets included in the device are programmable, allowing you to set the exact time your accessories are operating. For instance, you can provide your aquatic inhabitants with a natural day and night cycle by setting the easy-to-program 24-hour analog timer specifically for your lighting system! The other 4 outlets are continuous power outlets, and are therefore not programmable.

If you choose, you can use the bypass switch on the side of the AquaSun Aquarium controller to bypass the timer, allowing you to use all outlets as continuous power outlets. Utilizing a grounded 3-prong receptacle, you can rest assured that this device is completely safe for you and your fishy friends!