Coconut hanging hide with later

Coconut hanging hide with later

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  • Natural coconut hanging cave
  • 2" hole for easy access
  • Sturdy rope for hanging in terrariums

Reptiles and tree frogs naturally seek out shelters to make themselves feel safe from predators. The Pangea Hanging Coconut Reptile Hide mimics tree hollows that reptiles love to cozy up in. Comes with a rope hanger which you can secure to the screen top or other structures within the cage.  A zip tie works great for making sure it is securely fastened in place. You can fill the frog hide with moss or other substrates to give an even more naturalistic look and make it even more inviting for your pet. 

Majority of reptiles require some form of cave or hide. Often they need to get out of the heat to regulate their body temperature. On top of that they need to de-stress from whats going on around them. This makes a hide a must have decoration for any terrarium. 

Use a hanging coconut hide for:

  • Crested geckos (all ages/sizes)
  • Gargoyle geckos (babies-sub adults)
  • Juvenile leachianus geckos
  • Tree frogs
  • Small arboreal lizards