Pangea Reptile Egg Organizer

Pangea Reptile Egg Organizer

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  • 4-24 adjustable compartments
  • Ideal for smaller reptile eggs 
  • Use with Organic Pangea Hatch, Vermiculite, or Perlite
  • Retains humidity while allowing minimal airflow - no drilling required!
  • Rubber feet for easy stacking
  • Large viewing window to see egg growth & hatchlings.
  • 11"L x 7.25"W x 1.75"H

Pangea would like to introduce you to our new Pangea brand Reptile Egg Organizer! With up to 24 adjustable compartments this keeps your eggs separated and organized. Made from clear plastic, so you can easily see the growth of your eggs. Perfect for gecko and other smaller reptile eggs.

Separation compartments can be removed or adjusted to a larger size if required. Our product keeps the humidity sealed within, so you do not need to drill any holes, just vent it weekly to give it some airflow. This egg tray has a large clear viewing window, so you can track the growth of your eggs with minimal disruption. It also has rubber feet for easy stacking, which helps avoid sliding and dropping.

Works perfectly with Pangea Hatch! If you are looking for an incubator Pangea offers Zoo Med's ReptiBator here! The ReptiBator is one of the most reliable incubators on the market. 

Size: 11"L x 7.25"W x 1.75"H
*Some simple assembly required (adding compartment walls)