Catappa Leaves

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Fritz Catappa Leaves are unique leaves that naturally release tannins and humic acid as a way to replicate the natural blackwater biotopes of exotic betta fish, freshwater shrimp and other soft-water species. The large, broad leaves are the perfect location for bettas to create bubble nests and spawn, and provide shade and ample hiding space for small, shy fry that aren't quite ready to swim in the open water. The dark water will also help to make the fish feel more at home, encouraging them to colour up beautifully and engage in increased breeding behaviors. With natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, these leaves help to reduce the likelihood of infections with the fish, and fish eggs, reduce algae growth and keep pest snails under control. The leaves provide stunning natural decor within the aquarium, are completely safe for invertebrates and are actually a source of food for shrimp. Comes with 10 leaves.