1/2" Charcoal

1/2" Charcoal

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Introducing our versatile P2 1/2" Horticultural Hardwood Charcoal – a must-have for plant and terrarium enthusiasts, insect culturing, and BioChar. This premium charcoal is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of indoor gardening, terrarium setups, insect breeding, and sustainable BioChar applications.

Key Features:

Perfect for Houseplants: P2 charcoal in a 1/2" size is tailor-made for houseplants. It promotes healthy root development, optimal moisture levels, and improved aeration in potted plants. Watch your indoor greenery flourish with the support of our premium hardwood charcoal.

Terrarium Enhancement: Create a thriving miniature ecosystem with the help of P2 charcoal. Its size is ideal for terrariums, providing the necessary structure for soil and aiding in moisture regulation. Enhance the beauty of your enclosed garden with this essential component.