F10SCXD Veterinary Cleaner-Sanitizer

F10SCXD Veterinary Cleaner-Sanitizer

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F10SCXD  Veterinary Cleaner-Sanitizer is an EPA approved hospital grade cleaner. It is used in many of the world’s leading veterinary hospitals and zoological institutions as well as by leading reptile, avian and exotic pet breeders and keepers. F10 sanitizer is widely recognized as the most effective and economical total spectrum cleaner on the market.

F10SCXD Veterinary Cleaner-Sanitizer can be used in a wide range of applications — regular cage cleaning, water bowls, floors, racks, shelving, perches and toys, food preparation areas, inside incubators, and decontaminating hands.

F10SCXD is active against bacteria, fungi and spores and when used with F10SC it is an excellent product for achieving a high level of biosecurity. 

F10 products are non-corrosive & biodegradable

F10SCXD can be sprayed on and wiped off, no need to rinse.  F10SCXD is a great regular cleaning tool with a surface cleaning formula.  For the best bio security we recommend follow up disinfecting with F10SC on a regular basis.

The recommended dilution rates of F10SCXD are 1:200 (5ml in 1 liter of water)

Each bottle of F10SCXD includes a measuring pour spout, with the exception of the 5L container.