ZOO MED Reptisun LED
ZOO MED Reptisun LED

ZOO MED Reptisun LED

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Looking for high-performance terrarium lighting that won't skyrocket your electrical bill? Well, look no further than the Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood. Armed with three different types of LEDs, this remarkably efficient lighting system (only 20 watts!) enriches the appearance of your terrarium and its fascinating inhabitants. It features a low-profile design to save space, and offers two straightforward mounting options for added flexibility.

The 30" to 38" ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood features four LED modules equipped with quick-connect couplings. To ensure that you never have to throw the fixture away, all ReptiSun LED modules are easily replaced. Each module boasts an impressive 20,000 hour burn life, and includes the following combination of LEDs:

(4) x Daylight (6,500 K) - 1 watt high-output LEDs emit a crisp white light to simulate natural daylight in your reptile or amphibian enclosure.

(2) x Plant Growth (620 nm) - 0.5 watt red LEDs produce the wavelengths required to trigger photosynthesis and live plant growth.

(1) x Blue Moonlight (465 nm) - 60 milliwatt low light LED produces a calming and non-intrusive blue light that simulates a natural lunar effect.

To enable independent control of its LEDs, the ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood features dual switches and offers three operational modes:

White Only - Ideal for reptile and amphibian habitats that do not contain live plants

White with Red - Intended for reptile and amphibian habitats that do incorporate live plants.

Blue Moonlight - Enables discreet viewing of your reptiles' nocturnal behaviors.

For long-term durability, the ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood features a heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum housing. Integrated heat sink technology keeps the fixture cool without fans and a built-in splash guard protects internal components from moisture damage and other debris.