Ruby Reef Rally Pro

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Rally Pro - 16 oz

The 16 fluid ounce container of Ruby Reef Rally Pro effectively eliminates external parasites and pathogenic bacteria and is safe for any freshwater or saltwater aquarium without harming your fish, corals, invertebrates or plants. This copper free, safe and successful additive does not tamper with your biological filtration and is suitable to use together with Kick-Ich to provide your aquarium with a tag-team of effective medicinal additives that keep your fish healthy and happy. The solution offers a higher concentration solution which is able to treat significantly more gallons per bottle than previous generations of this product. Keep this bottle in room temperature for a long shelf life, so your fish can have long-term protection. Ruby Reef Rally Pro eliminates harmful diseases such as marine velvet, clownfish disease, bacterial fin, tail rot, fresh water gill flukes, dinoflagellates, flukes and more. Treat your aquarium with this pharmaceutical if any of the previously stated infections occurs. Suitable for aquariums between 100-200 gallons.