Fluker's Sun Dome Lamp Fixture

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Fluker's Sun Dome is a top of the line light fixture that has been specially designed to accommodate larger and longer light bulbs, offering both unmatched durability and versatility to reptile keepers around the world. To maximize the output of the bulbs themselves, the fixture comes with an extra long reflector dome that extends beyond the length of the bulb. As well, the unit also features a heavily polished aluminum surface inside the dome, that when compared to white-painted interiors, greatly increases the distribution of essential UVB and UVA light. The Sun Dome comes with a polarized plug with one blade being larger than the other, which helps to reduce the risk of electric shock. Suitable for bulbs up to 160 watts maximum. The fixture is 9" tall and 27" in circumference. Do not place the fixture inside the enclosure with animals.