Exo Terra Canopy Combo Dish

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Tree-dwelling reptiles are often reluctant to use ground-level food and water dishes. The Exo Terra Canopy Combo Dish is a convenient food and water dish combo that can be mounted at any desired height. Simply stick the self-adhesive clip to the glass of your terrarium and mount the dish to provide your reptiles with a convenient food and water facility.
Fill the small compartment with Gecko Food or nectar, mashed fruits, vitamin & mineral mixes etc. The larger compartment is a water dish, with built-in safety steps to help prevent smaller geckos or feeding insects from drowning. The clip-system allows you to easily remove and clean the food & water dish.
Key Features :

2-in-1 Water & Feeding Dish
Perfect for tree dwelling reptiles
Natural rock design, integrates in desert and tropical terrariums
Can be installed at any desired height
Convenient, self-adhesive clip system,