arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp Twin Pack

arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp Twin Pack

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35W PAR20 Halogen Flood heat Lamp Twin Pack

Arcadia Reptile are proud to introduce our brand new PAR20 35Watt Halogen Flood Heat lamp. 

The Arcadia Reptile 35w Halogen Flood lamp is powerful, crisp, bright and Infra-Red-A rich. This is a very energy efficient lamp being better reflected and insulated than standard glass lamps, which means that this small 35w flood lamp can for most replace up to a 75w standard tungsten lamp. This can equate to considerable energy use savings.

The Arcadia Reptile Halogen Flood lamp has a built-in reflector for optimal light delivery to the basking zone. 

Arcadia Reptile Halogen Flood lamps should be used alongside an appropriate UV producing system such as ProT5 and can be paired with Genuine Arcadia Reptile Deep Heat Projectors and JungleDawn-LED Bars.
Arcadia Reptile wide beam Halogen Flood Lamps are powerful, robust and should be used with a suitable dimming thermostat.  

Designed to be Energy efficient, can be used in place of 50-75watt Tungsten flood lamps. 

  • Ideal for use with dimming stats.  
  • Provides more heat and light than standard tungsten flood lamps.  
  • Projects a wide beam angle. 
  • Frosted lens