AquaClear Quick Filter Replacment Foam - 2 pk

AquaClear Quick Filter Replacment Foam - 2 pk

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Aquaclear Quick Filter Replacement Cartridge - 2 pk

This filter replacement cartridge from Hagen features a fine floss exterior with a micron pad interior for two levels of filtering for large and small particles in the water. Aquaclear filters polish the water, giving it a crystal clear appearance that both you and your marine life can enjoy.

For best results, change filter every 2-4 weeks. We recommend buying a few so you never run into a filter emergency. If you do find yourself in a filter emergency, our fast shipping options can get it to you in a flip of a fish tail.

Your pet fish may be small, but they can make a big mess. Swimming around in their own waste is unsightly and unhealthy, and some waste levels can race toward fatal toxicity pretty quickly.